Wealth Recovery Initiative

Reclaiming your right to wealth...

The government is banking on you never finding out they owe you or your heirs money.  Don’t let them cash a check in your name…

Billions of dollars go unclaimed each year, and the government is banking on you never finding out.  They will never post a public service announcement about money they owe you or your heirs.  It’s unfair, and we are dedictated to doing something about it!

The Wealth Recovery Initiative was created to assist private individuals in reclaiming money that was either unclaimed, abandoned, or held by government agencies.  We do this by auditing government databases throughout the country and identifying qualified individuals.  We thoroughly vet each unclaimed amount to ensure that the money belongs to you before we contact you.  This way we know it’s yours!

The funds are often held for a designated period of time.  If the funds are not claimed before the expiration date, the agency holding them is permitted to keep them.  This means you will never have a chance to claim them again.

We think private citizens losing their funds to faceless government agencies is unfair, and we are dedicated to keeping this from happening to you, or your heirs.