How This Works

Reclaiming your right to wealth...

The Audit

Our organization Wealth Recovery Initiative is led by our parent company KIM XI LEGACY ENTERPRISE LLC.

Our mission is to help individuals, companies, and heirs to reclaim their right to wealth by identifying unclaimed funds owed to them.  We conduct regular audits to thousands of agencies across the country.  These funds are not located on the internet unclaimed funds sites.  Agencies holding the funds are not required to serve notice to the individual(s) or heir(s) that the funds are available, and often place expiration dates on the funds, after which they legally retain them.  

Our audits are conducted monthly to ensure that we have the most recent information for you.


We thoroughly verify the amounts that are open after which we send letters, postcards, or make phone calls to notify you letting you know we have identified you as a possible recipient.  We  urge you to start your claim as soon as possible by calling us at (682) 651 – 7488.


Paperwork and Payment

Once you have spoken to one of our agents, we arrancge to have the paperwork completed by you so that we can move forward with the claim.

Once the paperwork is received back in our office, we start the necessary process of letting the agency know we have located you and request payment.

Payment for our services is made when the collection of your claim is made and is deducted from that amount.

Claims are usually processed in 2-4 weeks, depending on the agency.

We cover ALL expenses related to the claim until it is paid, and if the claim is unsuccessful you owe us nothing.